A full-service edit team

We provided comprehensive editorial services for a small mutual fund sponsor, helping it produce a steady stream of high-quality content. Read more


The Client

A boutique mutual fund company.

The Challenge

The company needed help writing materials that could support its plans for rapid growth, particularly among institutional clients. It had talented financial experts and sophisticated investing strategies, but it lacked a support staff to help its team generate quarterly reports, create thought leadership content and produce other materials. The firm’s leaders were frustrated after several failed attempts to find a partner who could help generate a regular flow of content that met their standards. They mentioned their frustration to a Writing Company client, who referred them to us.

Our Solution

The company initially tapped TWC to write a single white paper. Over time, we developed a full-service editorial partnership with the client, with TWC operating as the firm’s go-to resource for all manner of writing needs. A dedicated project manager at TWC maintains regular phone contact with the client’s leaders and directs a team of senior TWC writers who understand the company’s distinct culture, investing philosophy, strategies, products and editorial voice. We help the firm conceive, plan, schedule and execute its thought leadership strategy. We draft its quarterly fund reports, edit website copy, develop promotional brochures, write press releases and create video scripts. We are, in effect, the company’s editorial team.

The Result

Our work has helped the firm generate a steady stream of promotional and thought leadership content for its audiences of retail investors, financial advisors and institutional investors—addressing current events, reporting on new developments in investment research and explaining complicated financial concepts. Meanwhile, our collaboration has let the company’s leadership and investment professionals focus their talent and energies on their areas of expertise. We’re proud to have supported the firm’s efforts to expand its business during a period when its assets under management grew 300 percent.