Top-notch content, stat!

We helped a digital marketing agency develop a major consumer-education program for one of the world’s largest banks. Read more

The Client

A digital marketing agency that had vast experience but was relatively new to financial services content.

The Challenge

A leading consumer bank asked the agency to develop hundreds of online personal finance articles to educate customers and reposition the bank’s brand. Initial deadlines were very tight, and the agency lacked the capacity and experience to create large amounts of sophisticated financial content.

Our Solution

The Writing Company quickly became a seamless part of the agency’s editorial operations. Our team—which ultimately included a dozen writers, editors and project managers—created new spins on hundreds of familiar personal finance topics for the agency to pitch to the bank. We suggested the format each topic should take (article, infographic or something else), produced and revised the content, and helped shepherd each piece through the bank’s demanding review process. The agency eventually asked TWC to step into a client-facing role, with our editors and project managers contributing to mission-critical calls with the bank.

The Result

TWC’s seamless integration with the client and the project enabled the agency to overcome its capacity constraints and provide top-caliber services to a flagship client. The agency trusted us not only to produce strong written content but also help navigate the inevitable politics and bureaucratic challenges of working with one of the world’s largest financial services companies. Our financial expertise and our contributions to content strategy proved key to the success of the project, which continues to create revenues and new opportunities for both the agency and its client.