Setting experts at ease

Our writers interviewed senior portfolio managers and other experts, gained their trust and helped them reassure investors after the Great Recession. Read more

The Client

One of the world’s largest investment firms, with more than $1 trillion in assets under management.

The Challenge

The firm’s famously tight-lipped subject-matter experts needed to communicate more, and more effectively, with millions of retail investors in the months and years following the 2008 bear market. The client built a web channel to give clients insight into its investment professionals’ thoughts and tactics. For the channel to succeed, the company needed financial reporters knowledgeable enough to put its demanding subject matter experts at ease and skilled enough to translate their thinking into content that would engage and help a retail audience.

Our Solution

Seasoned Writing Company writers and editors have led regular interviews and roundtables with scores of the client’s portfolio managers and other SMEs since 2009. These conversations have explored a wide range of topics, including the outlook for Chinese financial markets, the latest iterations of Federal Reserve policy and the impact of election results on asset valuations. Our team then uses its reporting to create articles of various types, including Q&As and as-told-to articles, as well as third-person features. The content serves to educate investors and help them make financial decisions, while providing a sense of connection and trust with the people who invest their money. Most of our writers and editors have worked on the project for years, developing a deep understanding of the client’s processes and the ways the firm communicates with investors. Our team collaborates to share knowledge about the client and the subject matter, and to edit and revise our drafts before we submit them.

The Result

TWC has delivered more than 300 articles (and counting) for the series. Readers have consistently given our work high ratings. The series played a key role in strengthening the firm’s bond with its customers following the financial crisis and bear market, and it continues to do so. TWC writers and editors have built strong relationships with the firm’s SMEs, who often tell their communications team that they enjoy working with us and are happy with the content.