Building a magazine from scratch

We helped create a magazine that engaged retirement plan sponsors and influenced how they serve plan participants, while building our client’s global reputation as a thought leader and helping it sell its services. Read more

The Client

One of the world’s largest asset management firms.

The Challenge

The leaders of the firm’s defined contribution group wanted to publish a magazine that would make a splash among their clients and prospects—including some of the largest employers in the U.S. and worldwide. The firm had great ideas, but it lacked experience in the magazine world.

Our Solution

The Writing Company assumed responsibility for making sure that the publication engaged readers as only a true magazine can. We worked with the firm’s leadership and a series of outside agencies to create a look, feel and editorial approach that raised the bar for other publications in the field. For each issue we helped to create a coherent editorial point of view that reflected industry trends, the client’s business goals and its proprietary research; we advanced that perspective by developing editorial lineups that engaged readers through a mix of topics and formats. We advised the firm on formats that best suited each story idea—for example, demonstrating why some ideas should pop visually through a one-page infographic while others deserve the deep analysis of a 2,500-word feature. Then we reported, wrote and edited the stories, working closely with the client’s subject matter experts and marketing team. The result was content that relayed the firm’s position on important retirement topics and offered useful insights and actionable advice to readers.

The Result

The resulting publication looked and felt like a sophisticated consumer magazine. The firm strengthened its reputation as a thought leader in its industry by showing clients new, cutting-edge ways to improve the retirement plans they offered their employees. The firm’s sales managers were delighted with the results and asked the company’s marketing team to provide tools and events that would help them use the magazine to connect with clients and prospects. A survey of readers also received very positive feedback.